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GuardRex provides automated control and monitoring services. Our mission is to enable owners and operators to manage security risk, gain knowledge on their operations, and control systems remotely. We provide superior security products and services designed to mitigate the risk exposures facing our customers.

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Get the best remote security, monitoring, and control system for your valuable energy assets.

LIVE Video

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See live video streaming from your field. Video cameras are useful for monitoring the overall location for security, watching specific pieces of equipment operate, reading values from field equipment displays that cannot provide a digital signal (e.g., a gauge on a pipe), and keeping an eye on points of access (e.g., gates and doors). Learn More >


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GuardRex watches your locations for intruders and theives. RexVision™ technology immediately alerts you when it has spotted a person in a secure area. RexVision also includes beta features for facial detection and facial recognition. Learn More >

Automatic Alerts

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Satellite communication provides status updates on your cell phone, tablet, and PC by phone, text message, or E-mail, so you are never out of touch with your operation. Learn more about this simple, reliable management system. Learn More >

Internet Control

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Secured remote access will allow those with proper authorization to control equipment from anywhere in the world, even from a cell phone. Equipment can be turned on and off, and field gates and secured doors can be locked and unlocked, all while watching live video from the location. Learn More >

NWS Weather


NOAA National Weather Service current conditions, forecasts, and weather alerts are updated constantly for each of your field locations. The most recent NWS radar loop is displayed, so you can see fronts approaching. Learn More >

Demo Feed

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Visit The Oil Company demo, where 19 oil fields and over 100 pieces of equipment receive data every five minutes. Contact us if you would like a demo of the alert system.